Shabbat Kit


Set your Shabbat table with this attractive group of serving items for your Shabbat ceremony. This kit includes: a wood breadboard with a Scripture; a deep blue challah cover with the Hebrew words “Shabbat Shalom” printed in white; two ceramic candlesticks to hold your own candles; a gold-rimmed Kiddush cup; and the book Shabbat: A Sacred Rhythm of Rest

Shabbat: A Sacred Rhythm of Rest, takes you through the biblical origins of the Sabbath; how the Jewish sages defined work; Jewish observance today; the Shabbat table, candle lighting ceremony and blessings; Shabbat’s relevancy for Gentile Believers; seeing Jesus in its Jewish traditions; and tips for establishing your own Shabbat observance. It also includes a Challah bread recipe and sample blessings you can pray over your Shabbat guests. You are cordially invited to discover the Lord’s sacred gift of rest.