Standing with Israel Package


Still Standing with Israel Wristband Bracelet

Wear the colors of the Israeli flag around your wrist. This blue silicone bracelet lets the world know you continue to stand with Israel. It bears the message “Still Standing with Israel” written in block white letters and comes in one size that fits most wrists.

Israel and Canada Flag Lapel Pin

Show your support for Israel with this colorful little pin of the Canadian and Israeli flags. Wear it to encourage others to support Israel and open doors of conversation about the increasing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel mindsets around us today.

A Lasting Peace, book by Jonathan Bernis

One of the most important ways we can work to build lasting peace in the Middle East is to look beyond propaganda and learn what is really happening there. In A Lasting Peace, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis sorts out the history and players for you, presenting a clear look at the unrest surrounding Israel today. From ancient history to current events, Bernis traces the participation of surrounding nations and terror groups against Israel. He uncovers the truth about the Palestinian refugee problem and explains the biases behind Israel’s relationship with United Nations. You’ll also learn about the Arab war against Christians. A Lasting Peace answers your questions about the Middle East conflict and equips you for conversations with those who blindly blame Israel for it.