Grafted In Package


Grafted In Tote Bag

Declare your faith in Jesus and your love for the Jewish people with this handy Grafted In Tote Bag. The ancient Messianic Seal, or Grafted In symbol, dates back to the second or third century A.D. It symbolizes two groups – the Chosen People of Israel and the Gentile Believers in Jesus – brought together through the Messiah. The menorah at the top represents the Jewish people, and the fish at the bottom symbolizes Gentile Believers. Two triangles –the base of the menorah and the tail of the fish – merge to form a Star of David. We’ve designed this unique logo to incorporate the Grafted In symbol with added meaning. The arrow below the fish symbolizes the grafted-in Gentile Believer pointing salvation back to Israel, and the 11:11 calls attention to Romans 11:11 and the Believers’ calling to live out their faith with a distinct awareness of its Jewish roots and with a burden for the Jewish people to know their Messiah.

Enter His Gates, book by Susan Marcus

At the root of the New Covenant Scriptures lies a rich Jewish heritage that forms the foundation for fully understanding Yeshua’s (Jesus’) coming. Enter His Gates: To Your Jewish Roots is an excellent tool for learning Jewish symbolism, practices and traditions and how to incorporate them into your faith in Messiah Jesus.