Israel's Survival Package


Still Standing with Israel Wristband Bracelet

Wear the colors of the Israeli flag around your wrist. This blue silicone bracelet lets the world know you continue to stand with Israel. It bears the message “Still Standing with Israel” written in block white letters and comes in one size that fits most wrists.

Israel and Canada Flag Lapel Pin

Show your support for Israel with this colorful little pin of the Canadian and Israeli flags. Wear it to encourage others to support Israel and open doors of conversation about the increasing anti-Semitic and anti-Israel mindsets around us today.

Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel, book by Jonathan Bernis

It’s not the richest or most powerful country in the world, but in God’s eyes, Israel is the most important nation on Earth. And it’s there that the Bible’s prophecies regarding the end of the age will all unfold. If you want to understand what God is doing in these Last Days, you must understand what He is doing with Israel. What do the “times of the Gentiles” and “the fullness of the Gentiles” mean? Are they connected? In Unlocking the Prophetic Mysteries of Israel, Jonathan Bernis reveals this and more:

  • 7 keys to understanding Israel’s past, present and future role in God’s plan to recover a corrupt and lost world
  • 3 reasons Israel plays such a prominent role in God’s plan for the future of this planet
  • 10 hallmarks of the coming Messianic Age of peace and prosperity
  • Your influential part in ushering in God’s Kingdom on Earth
  • The vital significance of the city of Jerusalem
  • Our debt to the Jewish people
  • The dramatic connection between Israel and the Church
  • Encouragement to fight the good fight